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Sondergard Fred

Sondergard Fred is an import AI sire from Denmark. He is a massive individual with a hip height of 61 inches and a mature weight of 1496 kilograms. Fred is extremely long with tremendous strength of top-line and clean very fronted. He has great width and an exceptionally good disposition. All of these traits are being passed onto his progeny together with structural integrity and calving ease.

Fred was outright winner of the national feed efficiency test against all breeds in his country with an astonishing 4.7:1 (4.7kg feed per 1kg gain). The standard average for beef cattle is 6:1 with Australian feedlots working on 7.5 kilograms consumed for a 1kg weight gain.

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Additional Comments:

Fred will continue to have a positive influence in our herd with a son and current sire, Raff Neptune N4, having conceived his first calf when just 10 months of age.

Other Fred sons we will be used in coming seasons. It is disappointing that bulls like Fred, and their progeny, that have no linkage to the Australian genetic evaluation system are penalised with such negative EBV’s - they deserve better.