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Raff Angus heifers ultrasound scanningRaff Angus Feedback Sheets from Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd
Feedback Sheet 17 January 2019
Feedback Sheet 10 January 2019
Feedback Sheet 3 January 2019
Feedback Sheet 13 November 2018
Feedback Sheet 28 August 2018
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23 July 2018
Feedback Sheet 24 May 2018
Feedback Sheet 13 April 2018
Feedback Sheet 18 January 2018

Raff Angus heifers ultrasound scanningRaff Angus heifers yarded for ultrasound scanning for carcass data collection.


View scanning results for heifers here

Raff Angus Golden AnniversaryNew AI sire from the United Kingdom – semen packages available.

Following the success of recent United Kingdom genetics carefully introduced into our herd over recent years we are now pleased introduce Idvies Eric S735. Weighing 1100kg’s at just 20 months he is a moderate frame score 7. Semen packages of 10 straws sell at $100/dose. Click here for his pedigree and performance information.

Raff Angus Golden AnniversaryRaff Angus purchase new cow - Vermont Champagne C371 CCVC371

Her sale comments from Stephen Handbury Anvil Angus – C371, one of the original Right Time cows we purchased at the Vermont Dispersal. Anyone who has travelled to the US will know the significance of Right Time to the Angus cow herd. He was the first cow maker of the modern Angus era. Only a very limited amount of semen was ever bought into Australia and at one time I even sold a single straw for $2,600. So knowing this we chased what Right Time cows we could both here and abroad. When C371 came up in the dispersal and she was physically everything we expected we added her to our herd. At the time of writing the catalogue she has calved 9 calves all within a month of each other each spring, including her last calf that featured in our Autumn bull sale. I fully expect she will make the sale with her 10th calf at foot. Even for her age she still offers great birth weight, positive fat and fantastic net feed efficiency. If we were to continue our program she was certainly entering our donor program.

Raff Angus Golden AnniversaryHow drought pushed well-known Queensland cattle breeder to move to King Island for rainfall
Landline Story - October 2015

The Raff family have bred Angus bulls for 50 years and celebrate this milestone with their 2015 bull sale on property at Mundibulanga, Drillham, August 10.A well known Queensland stud cattle breeder says years of drought and the changing climate is why his family sold its Queensland property and relocated half their herd to King Island. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-10-10/cattle-breeders-move-from-queensland-to-king-island/6842102

Raff Angus Golden AnniversaryGlory of Golden Anniversary for Raff Angus
Queensland Country Life 30 July 2015

The Raff family have bred Angus bulls for 50 years and celebrate this milestone with their 2015 bull sale on property at Mundibulanga, Drillham, August 10.

They are presenting a draft of bulls that truly reflect the type of animal they set out to produce from their humble beginnings in 1965. >> Read more

Raff Angus 50 years of stud breedingRaff's 50 Years of Stud Breeding by David Raff
Queensland Country Life 30 July 2015

From a very young age I developed a fascination for breeding stud beef cattle - my ambition in life was to become a successful beef bull breeder... >> Read more

Hercules and Jackpot stand out from the herd

Over a 1/4 of the sale catalogue are Raff Empire E269 sons... >> Read more

Raff Angus Land Aggregation


Raff Angus Land Aggregation Auction ~ View Video | View Property Brochure

Raff Angus Land Aggregation - 2713 ha (6705 acres) approx
A Multipurpose Investment in Agricultural Production

Raff Angus Land Aggregation, the home of Raff Angus is located in the heart of some of the country’s leading bull breeding, fattening, backgrounding and feedlot enterprises. Offering the astute buyer quality country, infrastructure and improvements with location being a feature.

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Newsletter, May 2015

Celebrating 50 years of Breeding Angus 1965 - 2015

How it all began
Major Cattle achievements
King Island - the land of opposites
Fifty years in the breeding - all records broken
Beef Australia 2015
Raff Angus Bull Sale brought forward - 10 August 2015

>> Newsletter (8mb)

Queensland Country Life

Raff Reliability
01 April 2015
Andrew Raff, Raff Angus, Drillham, reflects on his time in the beef industry.

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Raff Angus purchase new Australian sire
June 2014

Raff Angus is excited to announce the purchase of Cherylton Stewie D19 for $20,000 from Cherylton Angus in Western Australia. The sale agreement allows Cherylton Angus to retain 100% semen and marketing rights with Raff Angus securing 100% walking rights to him. >> Read more

Empire son available for export
April 2014

We are pleased to advise that Raff Hercules H411 has now qualified for export to the EU and his semen is now
available. Raff Hercules H411 was calved on 13th September 2012. He is sired by the world acclaimed Raff Empire E269 >> Read more

Raff Angus Newsletter
April 2014

A Visit to the United Kingdom by David Raff : In June 2013 Jill and I spent a month in the United Kingdom visiting Aberdeen-Angus herds in England and Scotland culminating in a visit to the Royal Highland Show at Edinburgh. The purpose of the visit was to research the Angus breed in that country, the founding country of the Angus cattle breed over 200 years ago, and to search for suitable genetics to import to take the Raff Angus to the next level. I last visited the UK in 1980 when I spent six months there on a Nuffield scholarship. >> Read more


Raff Angus sells semen into Zimbabwe
Raff Angus sells semen into Zimbabwe

An ambitious Angus stud and beef breeding operation through to branded premium beef production is being established in Zimbabwe, a country dominated by tropically infused cattle. >> Read more

Raff Angus supports the 2014 National Youth Angus Roundup
Raff Angus supports the 2014 National Youth Angus Roundup
January 2014

Raff Angus supported this year’s event with a team of eight heifers and eight beef enthusiasts who joined with over 150 fellow young people from all over the country who gathered in Toowoomba to participate in the Angus Youth event of the year – the Angus Youth Roundup 2014 in January. >> Read more

Raff Angus claims Australian 'first' with Prime Star genetics

Raff Angus Newsletter
August 2013


>> Raff Newsletter August 2013

>> Raff Newsletter February 2013

Raff Angus claims Australian 'first' with Prime Star genetics

Raff Empire wins Bronze Medal in Angus - Champion of the World 2012
April 2013

The "Angus - Champion of the World 2012" and "Angus - Miss World 2012" competitions were judged between April 1st and April, 7th 2012. The competition consisted of 92 National Champions from 42 countries. Raff Empire E269 won Gold in Class 10 and then went on to win Bronze in Class 15; which judges the winner of the Angus - Champion of the World title.

>> Link to Angus Australia website >> Angus Australia article >> Champions of the World 2012

Raff Angus claims Australian 'first' with Prime Star genetics

Raff Angus female creates $30,000 Queensland record
By Peter Lowe
21 March 2013
Queensland Country Life
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