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From owner Robert Clark, Shadwell Aberdeen Angus, UK “…he stands square with a foot in each corner and at 12oclock. He has big feet and strong bone. When I looked at him at Idvies he weighed about 1100kgs at 20months obviously getting ready for Stirling bulls sales, but carried it well. He moves well for a young bull carrying a lot of weight. He is as meaty in real life as he is in his photo, natural muscle rather than fed. No myostatin either. I wouldn't say he is an extreme frame size - probably a 7. Eric was in a pen of about 6-8 bulls all by Prince Cool and everyone was like a pea in a pod, very consistent. I'm prepared for slightly bigger calves but not many of these bulls out there with good growth figures and muscle will produce calves less than 40 kgs, I also think that breeders need to look at their heifers as they are getting more narrow and would struggle to calve anything.. Eric has loads of heart room which my father told me to be so important, not tubular and not gutty he has depth all the way through.”  

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